Friday, November 07, 2008


We still have no internet connection at our new home- very frustrating in this technological age to have a three week delay before phone and internet are working... Hence no photos.

We are now settled into our new house and getting into the rhythm of being there which means I can get back to what I really need to do- which is work work work. I am working on a new book entitled Seventy Two MORE Ways not to Stipple or Meander- and you guessed it , it is 72 more ideas for free machine stitching. My schedule is to finish it by the end of next week so I can get it printed. Any pre-orders will be welcome ( as then I can determine how many I will print the first print run). I will do it in the same black and white format of my previous book and I will also add directional drawings . If you are interested please send me an email first.
The cost of the book inclusive of shipping will be as follows:
$28 US Dollars
22 Euros
$25 Australian

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Judy said...

Hi! Dijanne,

Pleased to hear you are settling in to your new abode and can get busy again, sorry to hear the internet set up is going to be so slow.