Saturday, March 01, 2008

Produce from the Garden

I know I said I was going to be working, but in all reality I am still paddling water. Had to go into town yesterday and do a big grocery shop and it feels as if the prices have risen yet again even in the 3 weeks I have been away. I always thought food stuffs were dearer in Europe- but I think it has changed. I am shocked at how much food, and especially fresh food costs in Australia. Good cheese is ridiculously expensive compared in France, and even meat prices have spiralled to be more expensive than Europe. I am glad of my vegetable garden and I have been spending time picking things- rescuing things from the birds who won't share- and reading recipe books to get inspired to use all this wonderful produce!

I have also been painting pages to use for my catalogue/books I want to make for my exhibition- it just feels like I should be sewing.I think I have found a way forward with the catalogue ideas after my play day with Laura and Annette. I also can't find my journal I was using before I went away- I didn't take it as it had those skeleton leaves pressed into the hand made paper which was the cover and this caused problems with customs last time- so I left it home- but where??? I have found lots of other things ( all my workroom is still mostly packed away and not stashed in an orderly manner , so losing things is an exasperating waste of time - how I wish for a workroom/studio- have to find a house to live in first)
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Shirley Goodwin said...

Butter in NZ has doubled in price due to high world demand for dairy produce. This is also reflected in milk and cheese.

What did you use to put the pomegranate etc designs on in the play day post?

jude said...

wow, are you a farmer too?