Monday, March 24, 2008

BY the light of the Lantern

Well almost- there were thunderstorms and lightening and the power did go out for half an hour or so last night and then it rained heavily . Hoorah for the rain, it's so dry. I think we have had at least an inch maybe two inches- the garden is lapping it up.

Thank you all for your good wishes and positive thoughts yesterday- my emotions are very much a part of my creative process and I think this is exacerbated by working from home as well- I am always right in the middle of it and there is really nowhere to find a space away from it.It also means I work in relative isolation, rarely interacting with like minded people except when I go away to teach ( and I have to say blogging has been a bit of a godsend in meeting like minded people) It also means that everyone always thinks you are accessible because many people don't think of you as having a job when your work number is the same as your home number. I have looked but there is nothing available locally as a work space. Today yurts reappeared on my radar for thinking material.

Anyway last night I found a page on Wietse Kluck's blog.It cheered me up a lot to know that my work does inspire people sufficiently for them to want to do a C&G page on my work.Check out Wietske's work -it's wonderful.

I sliced my thumb rather badly yesterday whilst cutting vegies from the garden to make a minestrone. It bled profusely- and I really should have gone to emergency as it did need a stitch or two- but an acquaintance had a seven hour wait there last week- and the thought of having to drive 22 kms to town and then wait made me think again- do you know how hard it is to elevate your thumb above your head so that the wound has time to clot ??It took more than an hour.It's right at the base of the pad of my thumb just above the joint- we could see the bone- eewww- so that will curtail whatever I was planning for awhile- I can't hand sew because you use your thumb a lot for this even your left thumb.


Sarah Jayne said...

Oh you should have had a stitch... Just keep an eye on it as it'll be sore for a while.

Susan said...

(There should be a very pregnant pause here....I typed "Hi" and then got really nervous. I've generally only lurked on your blog, rarely commenting.)

First, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your entire family. Dealing with a troubled teenager brings a unique blend of fear, anxiety, and love. Your strength has been an inspiration.

Second, and this is what really compelled me to comment, I, too, accidentally injured my left thumb last summer. I sliced off the tip...well the right side...sort of beveled totally off. I didn't have anything to stitch so skipped going to the emergency room too. I did this on a very sharp paper cutter in a silkscreen class I took with my two sons. More embarrassed than anything else, I wrapped some clothe and tape around it and kept working. I couldn't stitch for about a week but after that I adapted. Amazingly, the missing part grew back though the fingernail still isn't perfect. (I've claimed to be part lizard ever since!) However, the nerves aren't quite right (not an "expert" medical opinion...just fact!) It's sort of "tingly" at all times which makes picking up pins difficult...but otherwise, there's lots of hope. You'll likely be back to work sooner rather than latter...who knows, you, too, might be part lizard!

smarcoux said...

Hi Dij

Joe said make sure you keep it clean ... and you should have gone to get a stitch...
hope all is well there with you ... and your in our thoughts more then you know it.
hugs and hope to see you soon
Sandy , Joe

Wietske said...

Dijanne, ik ben zeer vereerd met de link naar mijn weblog!
Heb nog nooit zoveel bezoekers gehad als gister ;)

groet, Wietske

Liz said...

Dijanne, when I was thinking of doing the Diploma part of City & Guilds, you were at the top of my list for artists to study....

Hang on in there with your daughter... I feel for you. Having teenagers around is hard at the best of times and I can't imagine how hard it is in your situation. Thinking of you.

brdhsbldr said...

As we all say in unison "You should have got the stitch" I'd add, "And possibly a tetanus shot."
The nerve damage Susan mentions may improve "over the years." I speak from experience -several, said she, sheepishly.