Sunday, March 16, 2008

Finished apart from some Binding

I have finished the cross stitching on this piece- I won't do much quilting on the picture- just some stitching to stop the photo piece from bulging.I haven't quite decided on the binding- probably black.

I am getting very little done in this heat. I have to finish a commission piece inspired by the sea- I still haven't quite worked out all the elements. And I have to dye more fabric- and already have but it is too hot to iron or go outside and photograph the fabric.

The vegie gardens is starting to kick in big time at the moment- the tomatoes have just started ( I put them in late so am rather pleased to have any at all), then there are zucchini submarines and some more normal sized zucchinis, basil( pesto season is here Yay!), celery and peppers, I don't think the eggplants will eventuate, cucumbers and rocket and lettuce and the corn is still some way off. I did make some caponata ( eggplant salad)- it's always a nice side dish at this time of year, or it is seriously good on some toasted Italian bread ( which I can't get in Colac and it's too hot to make bread)


Kristin L said...

I really love the way the cross stitching integrates the architecture into the border. Your Caravanserai looks like it will be a wonderful, rich experience.

jude said...

it is interesting that this "architexture" seems to absorb a woven quality, like a basket of some kind, i think the cross stitching has enhanced the association for me.

joanlil said...

Kevin pulled out all his tomatoes because the bugs got nasty - just as the price goes sky high! Hope you will forgive me _ I have just tagged you. Joan

Shirley Goodwin said...

Saw this as I flicked quickly down Planet Textile Threads and knew straight away it was yours, having seen the earlier photo. For some reason, the quilt looks more like a dome from below, and the photo more like one from above - this is in no way a criticism, probably more a reflection of my eyes.

Just as tomatoes get dirt cheap, I have a glut of them!

Cindibee said...

What a beautiful and unique piece! I love the cross stitch! And your drawing in your last post is lovely. I'd love to be able to doodle so well, but I think my drawing style rivals a third-grader with palsy.

Tell me, have you ever had zucchini bread? My mom grew her own zucchini when we were kids and she made zucchini bread all the time. It was yummy! If you haven't tried it, just make banana bread, but add zucchini instead of bananas. (Or something like that. I don't remember. I was 2 when she made it.)