Friday, March 14, 2008

Hot hot hot

It is so hot that walking outside is like hitting a dense stifling wall of heat. Plus we are on amber drop watchout- there was a fire about 20 kms from here- but fortunately it has been contained- so here's hoping the wind doesn't change.Everything is tinder dry .

It is too hot to work with fabric- my hands get instantly clammy holding fabric so I haven't achieved much these last days. I have done the preliminary drawing for a lamp lino-cut- but looking at it on my screen I am not so sure I like it all that much. I think it needs some adjusting. And I got nominated by Barbara Cheeseman for inspirational blog- but it's been so hot I haven't responded to the challenge of naming another 10 inspirational blogs- there are so many inspirational blogs!
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Je Pense said...

Nice image

Magic Cochin said...

you'll have no need to warm the lino then!

Celia :)