Thursday, February 28, 2008

Back in Gellibrand

Exhausted but back in Gellibrand. My plane arrived at 2am last night- it was 3 before I cleared customs. Passports quizzed me as to why I was so frequently out of the country -I felt like saying perhaps there isn't sufficient work but didn't. Mooched around the airport until about 10 am to catch the bus to be picked up. There were some other people there in the same dilemna- except they were first time tourists to the country- with no hotels available in Melbourne because of the Grand Prix- so a few of us gave them some ideas for alternatives- but not necessarily the best first impression- stuck in an airport at 3 am wondering where to go??? Actually airports as a general rule are a rather horrid first impression of a country- all that queueing to get off the plane, for passports, for baggage, for customs control.

The photos is one I took of the workshop we did in The Hague last weekend. We did Tifaifai- and though we worked small most of the people managed to finish a top and some did iron on ,their negative cut-out. And most tried to create their own design- it always surprises everyone how lovely they come out despite cries of "I can't draw!"

Tomorrow it is work work work- no more slacking!!! My uncle is in rehabilitation now and closer to home- anxious to do as much work to gain mobility- I had not dared hope for such an outcome when I left. My aunt has been such a terrific support for my uncle- visiting him twice sometimes three times a day- exhausting, but I am sure it has helped in his recovery process.
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Lisa Walton said...

Glad to hear your uncle is doing so well but not envious of your long journey home.

Traveller said...

glad you're safely back and everything is OK.
What is tifaifai?
Carol A