Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Spring Weather

Spring is in the air, and even the birds are being ebullient in their spring cheer. My uncle is recovering at a remarkable rate- it has been like watching a small miracle unfold- from a person who was given very little chance of surviving, and then if he did ,unlikely to talk or walk or ever eat normally again ( the prognosis of the week before last)- it has been incredible to watch him talk, walk and eat normal meals again in a space of 6 days. One of his Parkinson medicines was also causing considerable side effects- my aunt and I have been insistent that it was the medicine and not the Parkinsons which was the cause of very debilitating hallucinations ( though last week the neurologist insisted it was caused by the Parkinsons)- and hallelujah- finally today a small concession- they believe we may be right about the medicine! It has been a considerably more happy trip than I had dared hope.

I went and visited an acquaintance in Turnhout who had invited me to be a guest exhibitor at a small exhibition they are having ,in a delightfully restored rectory in Old Turnhout in October this year.It is a thrill to be invited and I will pass on more information when I have it. She also took me to a wool factory just outside of Turnhout- so I shall have to get out the knitting needles again- it was too dangerous to leave some of those lovely wools there!

And of course I leave you with some very Dutch images- The Schelde river mudflats with pretty rippling patterns, part of my ancestral heritage( though the other side of the river), a small country lane with the trees still bare ( this is so different to the Australian landscape) and of course a windmill which is not far from here.


Evy said...

Hi Dijanne,

Wonderfull news!!
And ofcourse great to see you have landed safely at this side of the world.

I have been trying to reach you but I don't know if you can acces youre e-mail so would you please contact me? (also possible by phone at the shop 070-3240041)

Kind Regards,

Joei Rhode Island said...

such wonderful news..and such peaceful pictures. let your soul drink deep and rest
I hope your uncle continues to do well.

Rhode Island

Lisa Walton said...

I am so pleased to hear the news about your uncle. Now you can enjoy the trip and hopefully take some time for yourself.

Frances said...

Dijanne, I am so pleased to hear your news, what a welcome relief it is for you and your family, so there are silver linings, enjoy your time in europe, best thoughts Frances,

Stitch 'n Dye said...


So pleased to hear that your uncle is getting better. You so deserve something wonderful to happen - fingers crossed that things improve more and for a wonderful trip for you.

Sue xx