Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another Play day

A lot to tell! I met up with Marion Barnett to work on our Lovely Lutradur book which now has a time line if not a publisher at the moment. We want to add lots of visual delight to feast the eyes ,so self publishing will prove too expensive- though we will make a cd. However we did have time to visit the Centre Pompidou . What a delight to find an El Anatsui piece from his Detritus series on display! What a wonder- and it makes you wonder how did he think of that ? and then delight in his cultural heritage in his art making. Then a seriously wonderful sculpture by Nikki de Saint-Phalle of a bride which was deliciously eccentric as are many of her garden and fountain sculptures.I first encountered her work when I did my studio residency at Chateau de Chassy and the township of Chateau-Chinon was graced with a Nikki de Saint-Phalle fountain. And another delight for me - some Simon Hantai pieces whose work appeals to me for its tifaifai like quality, although visually it is quite different- it is more about the process.
Then next day was a more sobre experience delighting in some of the gothic details of the Cathedrale of Beauvais- the leadlight windows casting a wonderful colourful veil over the wall decorations of one of the votives/chapelettes.
And yesterday i spent the day with Laura and Annette- and we had a lot of fun playing ( again...). The Trapsuutjies paints Laura sells are so versatile- no wonder I am always dragging more pots of it home! Laura has an Dutch, English and French booklet on various techniques on her website, including the technique I used in my previous blog post.And of course you can purchase the paints via her website as well.Some of what we did yesterday you can see in the top photograph.


Cheryl said...

WOW I love the pomegranates!

Lainie said...

That is such a beautiful and exuberant piece of fabric -- and a great post. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

veel plezier morgen bij Evy en Petra.

TracyB said...

Hi Dijanne, LOVE visiting your blog & I want you to know that I tagged you as well!! If you visit my blog, I've posted instructions. Thank you!!

PaMdora said...

sounds like a wonderful trip. I love Nikki's sculptures!