Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunset Forest Fabric

Sunset Forest Fabric #5 SOLD

Sunset Forest Fabric #4 SOLD

Sunset Forest Fabric #3 SOLD

I dyed some more forest fabrics- these look like summer sunsets to me. They are for sale and measure about 1oocm x 110cm ( 39 inches square) and cost $35US inclusive of postage ( 24 Euros)

I feel a bit of a fraud at the moment- I haven't done anything substantial for days and days now- I just can't seem to get the mood. The most I am managing is dyeing some fabric and a desultory stitch or two in my Palmyra palms. I just can't seem to muster any enthusiasm and things aren't helped by the fact that my favourite uncle ( the aunt and uncle I always stay with when I go to Europe) is in intenstive care in Ghent with a massive deterioration of his Parkinsons disease. I wish I could be there to help my aunt. I am glad that we went for a holiday to Italy last year when he was still able to do such things and then went to see some of their Austrian friends on the way home. My now ex thought I was on a jaunt- but they have always been so kind to me and store my things for me ,that it seemed a small thing to do as I could not get a flight home in any case. We scored a week of sunny warm weather and could eat al fresco on restaraunt terraces, and the Adriatic sea was perfect and calm and he genuinely enjoyed himself.

I need to wake up with the spirit of enthusiasm and creativity bubbling tomorrow. I need to make somethings and lose myself in the process.

On an up note- I have just noticed- the kookaburras seem to have wrested the backyard back from the crows who seemed to have chased of so much bird life this last 6 months. Their cawing swooping shapes sending a kind of dread into the garden. I love kookaburras and am glad to see them back- I like their laughter and they keep an eagle eye on any poisonous serpents that want to make the backyard home.
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smarcoux said...

Hi Di
Sorry to hear about your uncle, I know how important they have been in your life ...... It was good for your soul for you to go and spend some time with them as family are not here forever and you can cherish the special times you spent together.
I am sure your muse will be back to you soon.
S and J

Anna said...

Blogging firends are always telling me that the muse will return so I pass on that thought to you to. Keep with it and it will all come good in the end. I love your forest fabrics and would love to know how you make them.

Nathalie L. pour Histoires de boites à couture said...

J'aime votre blog, je n'osais pas vous l'écrire, merci d'être venue sur Histoires de boites à couture. Merci à vous d'avoir laissé un commentaire. Votre travail est merveilleux.
Thank you.

Julie said...

I am sorry that you have this worry for your aunt and particularly your uncle. As Anna says, your muse will return but maybe you need a little time to just "be". Your forest fabric is absolutely beautiful.

Frances said...

Dijanne, it is good you have some wonderful memories of time with your uncle and although you can't be there today we do have the telephone so you can talk, sometimes just talking helps,
I love your Forest fabric as Nathalie says Votre travail est merveilleux, Frances