Saturday, January 26, 2008

Red and a Doleful Zenobia

I have been dyeing red red fabric- somehow good reds with a lot of depth of colour have eluded me this past year- not sure why, perhaps our water has more chlorine in it than normal, which would not be surprising given the dry conditions until recently. All my hand dyed fabrics are for sale if anyone is interested ( $35 US for a metre inclusive of postage).
I have also made up some Zenobia dolls ready for hand stitching- what i thought was a reasonably happy face looks rather doleful to me- of course she will change with stitching and headdress- so we'll see.

I am flying to Europe on the 4th of February to be with my aunt ( well she is more like a sister- our age difference is not so great) as my uncle's condition is all downhill. I am forever grateful that we went to Italy last year and that we had a week of sushine. Some of you who know how I struggle to earn a living from my textile arts might think this a bit extravagant- but my aunt and uncle have been the best support over the seven years I have been going to Europe- and they- of all my family have best understood my need to create and teach. They have always stood ready to provide me with a bed ( and my children too when they have travelled with me), a wonderful cooked meal when I came home from teaching for a day, and Ed would unload the car for me,leant me their car when I needed it and their ear , and they have helped make it possible for me to get to the point where I am now- they are my unofficial patrons and I am totally grateful.

I have worked hard the last few days packing up Across Australia and returning the quilts to their owners before I go. I had hoped to tour it some more, but it takes energy and time to make the arrangements and with my exhibition in Munich looming in August I have plenty to keep me occupied.I am going to Melbourne later today to return the Melburnian Across quilts and catch up with friends . I had to take a large suitcase into the post office full of parcels yesterday.

If anyone is interested in a workshop for a day in Holland or Belgium or even France during February let me know-.Or if anyone is interested in my bringing hand dyed fabric let me know- my suitcase going over will be pretty empty.It all helps defray the cost of the airfare.
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smarcoux said...


Sorry to hear of your uncles downhill condition. Our thoughts are with you .

Sandy and Joe

The Wittering Rainbow said...

Yes, sorry to hear your news.

Could you email me about your fabric please Dijanne. I'm looking for some more pieces. Thanks. Annabelx

TracyB said...

I love your Zenobia dolls!! I don't get the feeling that they're sad or melancholy. That serious look they have is because they have something very important to tell the person who is holding them in the palm of their hand. I love small art dolls that you can hold in your hand(s), but after many unsuccessful tries have decided it's not my forte'.