Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hand Dyed Silk and More Sunset Forest Fabric

Sunset Forest #4
Sunset Forest #5
Sunset Forest #6
Wow- I can't believe it. All but Forest #9 ( green forest fabric) has been sold. It is like you are all single handedly willing me to get this house! Thank you so much for the buying tyhe fabric and books I hope the fabric lives up to your expectations!

I have been rock tying silk as I wanted to get quite a coloured piece of silk that I can hand quilt by accenting the tied bits somehow. I haven't yet worked out quite what or how I will stitch it, but I have a sudden need to get silk thread- can anyone suggest where I might get some white silk thread I can dye? But the fabric is seriously luscious even if I say so myself :-) I have also been using a blue colour from Kraftkolour called Ultramarine ( I normally use the mid blue of MXG blue) but I really like what the ultramarine does on silk. I also used it on some other forest fabrics which I will post in the next few days.
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zquilts said...

These are some of the most glorious pieces of hand dyed fabrics I have ever seen. WoW!

TracyB said...

Dijanne, your blue piece at the top of this entry is GORGEOUS!!!

tiedyejudy said...

Dijanne, I have to tell you how wonderful your rock-tied silk piece is! Not that the forest pieces aren't, because they are fabulous as well! But I am stunned by the beauty of the silk, both the color and the design. You ROCK!

Judy Sall