Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Published in French!

This came in the post today! It's my 72 Ways book in French.It looks good with the coloured squares alongside the black and white squares and the directional drawings as well- it fills the page nicely! So thank you to Les Editions de Saxe for publishing it. Until they publish it in English I have the rights to keep selling my English version as I have been.And it would actually make an interesting coverlet as per the styling on the cover. It least it neats the pink and green quilt that I had to make for the cover of my last book-Tifaifai Renaissance which is now out of print. I have never been able to look at those cover quilts since.

I also won Belinda Schneider's naming of her dolls on her Bel's Nook and I found a four leaved clover. Maybe it all portends well eventually.
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Kristin L said...

Congratulations! The blocks look great as a colorful coverlet. I hope the book sells well for you!

AnneJeu said...

Proficiat, Dijanne!
Ik wens je veel succes met de verkoop!
Groetjes, Annette

Anonymous said...

Dijanne met zo'n kaft kan de boek niet anders doen dan heel goed verkopen, wauw!
hugs, Shirley J

Anonymous said...

wow, even in french! congrats and see, this is going to be a marvelous year for you

Stitch 'n Dye said...


Congratulations on the book - it looks fabulous.

Very best for your trip to Europe - those sort of trips aren't easy - but supporting those who have so wonderfully been your support - you need to do that.

Those dolls are interesting too - I look forward to seeing the end result.

Alexandra said...

I can't hardly wait to see the book, I have already ordered it. I couldn't buy it previously because we hadn't PayPal here in Romania (i've still heard that we got it lately). Anyway, the book will arrive in its splendour. Thank you Dijanne, and good luck in Europe.