Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Coral Variation #23

I have finally finished another Coral Variation. This one is number 23 and is for sale. The price is $50US inclusive of postage. The background fabric has been hand painted and the lutradur has been transfer printed with a lino-cut.

The second piece is hand dyed silk. It has been tied with rocks and has had several colours applied to it. It is 12mm weight habutai- which is really lovely for hand quilting and machine quilting but is not transparent like the 8mm habutai that so many of the silk scarves are made from . I have used it in a number of quilts and it looks sensational when it is lit by gallery lights or down lights.The piece measures 45 inches ( 114cm) x 57 inches ((145 cm). It is for sale for $175US inclusive of postage. The reason I am selling this one is because it is not quite right for what I had in mind but it is a seriously lovely piece of fabric. Now that I look at it on the photo there is a real sense of depth i nthe piece.

And eek it is already day 8 of the new year, I had plans to make a small piece a day- so far the count is one. Oh well.
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Shirley Goodwin said...

I've given you a "You make my day" award, Dijanne - see my blog for details.

marion said...

You are working hard!

marion said...

And I ditto what shirley just said... she got there first!