Saturday, January 12, 2008

More Forest Fabric For Sale

Forest Fabric #10 SOLD

Forest Fabric #9

Forest Fabric #8 SOLD

I was thrilled to sell the forest fabric I posted yesterday so quickly- Thank you! I have put up three more pieces, about 1 metre square and $35 US for the piece ( or 24 Euros) inclusive of postage.

I also got nominated by Shirley , Marion, and Sandra ( and you should go read Sandra's blog for her take on what it means to be an artists and be prepared to take belly laughs with you!)For Make My Day Award. Many thanks for this- it is good to know that people enjoy my blog! I will make some nominations tomorrow! I thought I might nominate bloggers that I had met throughthe internet- but I have to put the thinking cap on for that one!

I have done little sewing these past few days. We went looking at display homes this morning. It is a bit disheartening, as most of the homes that we like ,are a bit ,actually quite a bit outside of my budget. They are very modest homes indeed, but I do want to have a good kitchen as I enjoy cooking, which also means pantry space if at all possible. I will keep looking.The size issue is affected by the fact that i work from home- I need space to work, as there is nothing available outside my home to rent to work in . One of the down sides of living in a small country village.

I did buy some more lino to make some more lino-cuts for my exhibition later this year- hopefully I will get onto that tomorrow. And I will get up early and dye some more forest fabric as well, it gets too hot later in the day.
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sandra wyman said...

That forest fabric is to die for (no pun intended!) - wish I hadn't overspent over Christmas.
Thanks for your comment on my Art History Lesson - it was fun to write!

Liz said...

Gorgeous fabric, Dijanne - I am very tempted...

Just to let you know I have given you a Make My Day Award.


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