Monday, January 02, 2006

Commission finished!

My back is aching and I am sick of the sight and sound of my sewing machine but the commission is finished! I have even sewn down the binding.It measures 110cm x 124 cm ( 43 inches x 49 inches) I like it much better now that the stitching is in place. Just have the sleeve to sew and then it is ready to send tomorrow- and another thing off the to do list.

Tomorrow we go to my in-laws for a few days so will take hand sewing with me and finish two pieces I am working on I hope. Egypt is staring to loom closer and closer- we leave on the 22nd of January and I have to get a lot more work done for my exhibition in France. As per usual I think I can do much more that I actually can so am in the process of ditching ideas. Still have a project quilt and article to write for the German magazine Patchwork Ideen- that's next on the list, then quilting the fire quilt which has been patiently sitting around and waiting and then we'll see what energy is left- but it is a flying start to the year!Posted by Picasa


Digitalgran said...

Congrats on finishing your commission Dijanne.
I know the feeling that you can do much more than you actually can. In my mind it takes such a short time.

annabel said...

Well done Dijanne, its absolutely beautiful of course and I love the colours. Was it left entirely to you to design or did you have a brief? lol Annabel

Dijanne Cevaal said...

Hi Annabel

The brief was up to me but my friend had said that she liked quilts I had made in this sort of style. I have made a few over the years and so I had to dye all new fabric . I also want to make something with similar inspiration for my exhibition in france- as these are my favourite colours- I just have to think of an Australian motif to tie it in with the other work I am doing.

mary m. said...

VERY beautiful, Dijanne. I love the little half-moon fabric!

Anonymous said...

Abeautiful quilt, love the colours