Friday, January 06, 2006

More Back Beach at Blairgowrie

Back home again and have to get the head down and create as much as I can for the next 16 days before I go to Egypt amidst kids home on school holidays and summer distractions!

I have posted some more photos of another walk we did along the back beach. There is a photo of moi with my eldest daughter Celeste and youngest daughter Ynez. On one of the list i belong to there was some commentary about not wanting to know about the details of peoples lives, the highs and the lows and Annabel Rainbow,commented

but to me you can't separate the two; if you're truly interested in finding out how someone arrived at a finished piece of work, and understanding the meanings they were trying to convey, then their state of mind is important because, surely, how they feel and who they are is expressed in that work?

I couldn't agree more- my life is so intertwined with what I create that sometimes it is difficult to separate the two. What i see ,what I experience what i feel all gets put into the melange of what i create. I also like to include my family in what i do because they are so much the reason that i do what i do and i also have family on the other side of the world who from time to time look at my blog.

I like the photos with the rocks in hollows- it reminds a little of the work of Andy Goldsworthy- except this one has been wrought by nature and also a little shrine like. Isn't she wonderful?

But best news last. Thank you all for the positive comments about the echidna photo- I have to tell you i was lying down in the sand to take it- I entered it in a summer holiday photos competition in one of the State's newspapers( the Heraldsun which i only read as it was at my in-laws)- on wednesday morning- by Wednesday lunch time I knew I had won a Sony Cybershot DSCW7 camera as the daily winner ( great for Egypt!) and when I got home yesterday afternoon the camera was waiting for me! How is that for instant gratification?And what a start to the year. Thank you Sony!

And Felicity- do you use Picasa to load your photos onto your blog? That is how I am creating the collages.

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Deb R said...

More great photos, Dijanne. And congrats on winning a camera. Yay you!!

Felicity Grace said...

Congratulations, that's brilliant! I love seeing the photos and I agree you can't separate life from art. I don't write as much on my blog as I want to, if I'm honest, because the critics voices ring in my ears! I'll have to find out what Picasa is (totally ignorant of these things!) thanks Dijanne.

Claire said...

Hi Dijanne, congratulations on the winning photo! It was a ripper.

Regarding the personal stuff on blogs... I love it. But I do get a little bit bored when the ONLY thing blogged about is personal 'what my grandchildren did today' or 'I have a headache again for the 30th day in a row' type stuff.

It all depends on the writing style of the blogger and quality of the pics, whether the art or content appeals to my taste etc.

The blogger is in TOTAL control of their blog, they are a god in their own blog LOL. That's what its all about. I wouldn't want to tailor my blog to the preferences of my readers, if they don't like me they can ignore me, and I'll never know :-)

That's why I un-subscribed from quiltart list over 6 months ago. I could never participate because I saw too many people get publicly hauled over the coals, it was embarrasing and I REALLY don't need acrimony in my adult life, it is something I avoid at all cost.


annabel said...

Cor what a fantastic prize. Well done you! I like Picassa, its made life much easier for me; I like the way its so clear and easy to follow. It was also nice to see and hear about your family. Your daughters look gorgeous, as does where you live. I bet you have lots of fun together. There are times when I find it hard to say what I mean -the words just don't sit on the page properly, and also, I know there are friends who tune in to mine sometimes and that can be limiting/embarrassing, but I shall keep going because I find it fun.

smarcoux said...

WOOOHOOO you go girl!!!
If this is any indication how the years going to go for you its going to be a fabulous one....
Keep in touch .. would love to meet up with you in egypt.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! That was a wonderful picture.

And I love the one with the rocks and hollows. Very nice!

Digitalgran said...

Well done Dijanne. Congratulations. We all knew that was a sopecial photo.

Frances said...

congratulatins on winning the camera, you take some great photos,
on the 'personal writing on blogs' I agree with AnnabellRainbow and I second what Claire says, I find your blog interesting or I wouldn't be back, you have a good mix of work, family and enviroment,
nature's work is always wonderful if occasionally weird with it,