Sunday, January 29, 2006

From Cairo

Welll... where to begin. We have been here five days and so much has been seen and done. Firstly we installed Across Australia for opening on 26 January which is the Australian National Day. A large crowd of diplomats and other important people attended the celebration function which also included music by Freshwater and were most enthusiastic about the work. The exhibition stays open until 10 February. I have a limited number of full colour catalogues available for sale ( they are landscape A4 size- with 28 quilts) and they cost $25 AUAS inclusive of postage from Egypt- you can pay me via Paypla or if in Australia by cheque or postal order.

We have been to the tentmakers souk briefly ( they attended the opening and were most complimentary about our textile skills) and yesterday saw the Saqqara(stepped) pyramid and the pyramids of Dashur- the Bent pyramid and Red pyramid.We also visited the Wissa Wassef Arts centre which was fascinating - with a very interesting project to train children a couple of decades ago, without resorting to designs or drawings- but to just teach the technique and let the imaginations reign. All the children are now adults and still create tapestries at the centre ( in the Gobelin style of creating tapestries- ie on warp looms) which are just pure delight full of whimsy and improvisation. All the wools used are dyed from the garden of the centre.Today we visited a small portion of Khan el Khalili- and in particular beads and silver- and findings. Treasure!


smarcoux said...

nice to see you back online and in cairo ...lucky girl.
The photos are amazing.. bet you will find alot of treasures there.
Been doing some sewing and stuff not sure if you have had time to have a look .
Got the package thanks very much for everything ... expectially another piece of your work.. my sister is jealous.

Frances said...

good to see your news, glad all is going well, sounds like you are getting the most from the visit and enjoying yourself, thanks for the photos,

Olga Norris said...

I especially like the photo with the bowls of treasure - and the foot which shows the scale of the beads etc. Isn't photography just wonderful: to be able to snap up all the fleeting impressions and take them home - and most generously to let so many others see too. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

dear Dijanne,
I am glad you are ( you have been? ) arrived in Cairo safely. Yes it is a fantastic town, I have been there in the 80s. Then I did not know anything about any textile art but today _ I wish I could have a look on your shoulder.

I would like to have a catalogue from the Across Australia exhibition.
We will be in touch about that. OK?

Enjoy your tour. Big Hug.
Ina Klugt.

Shirley Goodwin said...

What lovely trasures, Dijanne. I bet you're getting lots of ideas for quilts over there!

Shirley in NZ

Digitalgran said...

I love your treasures. I was in Cairo years ago before I became so involved in textiles and I'm sure I'd 'see' much more if I went again.
I will enjoy it all through your eyes. Thanks Dijanne.

Anonymous said...

are you familiar with the magazine 'Handwerken zonder Grenzen'? their fall 2005 issue had an article on the Cairo tentmakers.