Monday, August 04, 2014

Musing in Textile:France

A totally frustrating few days  after the bad storms we had at the end of last week because  my internet access  crashed, so I was unable to share some of the things that will be in the book which we will hope will entice you to support our Pozible Fund Raiser  so we can self publish the book. Also just a little about how Pozible works. If you pledge any money for the rewards we have created it is only payable if we reach the target.That target was determined by creating a budget and taking into account many factors but most of it is directed to shipping and printing.Without your support the project will not go ahead.

A detail from the fifteenth century tapestry The Lady and the Unicorn

We will be including a DVD detailing the techniques I have used in my work. We decided to include the DVD which will have written explanations and video demonstrations because we understand people learn in different ways. The book itself will discuss how I arrived at my designs but we decided to leave the book uncluttered by how to photos and simply offer you the inspirations and  resulting work. The techniques are as follows:

Dyeing; the recipes I have used for the last 20 years and some tips on creating interesting contrast and also a colour mixing chart.

Breakdown Printing- a great method to draw or create cartoons on your screen and then let the dye create an interesting contrast- I use breakdown to create an image more than a background

Linocutting- how to make your own linocut ( or stamp)  and I will go through designing techniques to make the linocut print look good on fabric.

Printing on fabric- with linocut or other stamps as well as mono prints to create interesting landscape backgrounds that can be overprinted or appliqued over.

Transfer printing on Polyester non-woven ( Lutradur) I use this method a  lot in my work and again I use it for image making purposes  and there are a couple of add ons like foiling  and melting to add interest

Stitching by Machine or Hand- stitching for me is the ultimate mark making tool learn to use stitch as a creator of line and texture

Working with Solufix- a kind of threadpainting for photos ,which can be printed onto the solufix and then stitched.

And a bibliography of my favourite books and why!

In terms of our larger reward packages the offer is for me to teach any of the above workshops for you and 7 friends (some techniques can be combined) for one day as well as each of you getting a book. This amounts to  approximately $60 per person for the  workshop plus your own signed copy of the book for each participant.

Further for those of you in Melbourne I am part of an exhibition called Stitching Stories at the Age Media House  Gallery opposite Southern Cross Station. The Opening is Wednesday night August 6 ( see details on the invite) I would love to see you there. If you would like to come just leave a comment so I can pass on numbers to the curator.

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