Monday, August 25, 2014

6 Days to Go for our Pozible Fund raiser

Oh my goodness it's so close and so far. We are at present 60% funded in our Pozible campaign or close to it but there is only 6 days to go for our fund raising efforts to self publish our book Musing in Textile: France. If we do not reach our funding target we will receive no funds and all our work will have just been hard work for nothing.

Yesterday made us believe again and we want to thank all 133 supporters for your  pledges and sharing of our  campaign- without you we would not be where we are- close so close . Somehow halfway was always such a landmark for us but when we reached it we thought oh no it means we have another 50% to go and not much time left.

We are surprised only one of the workshop rewards  has been pledged. I often get emailed  as to when I will be teaching in Sydney or Canberra- but unless the big groups invite you it is  difficult to organise so we really  costed the workshop reward to be good value for you and 7 friends plus you will get a book each as well ( and I have to travel to each place as well which is part of the whole package). In Melbourne you even get lunch :-)

The Book Reward is offering the book at a 20% discount to entice you to pre-order in effect- this will be the only time that the book is offered at a discount like this . Postage had to be included because it is difficult to travel with a mass of books that will weigh over 1 kg each.

We hope you will help us cross our Target line!

And some images of ice dyeing I did to make some fabric  on which to print the medieval tree linocut. If you pledge  for a Reward of $80 or more one of these prints will be yours as a special thank you gift from us. Top photo is the tray  of ice dyeing. On the left is linen fabric and on the right the normal cotton fabric I use.

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