Tuesday, August 26, 2014

5 Days and 144 Supporters!

 We have 5 days to go in our Pozible campaign and we now have 144 supporters. Thank you all and one ( and you will be thanked on my blog if we reach our target ) for without you we would not be at the 66% mark. Thank you for believing in our project.

I have  been told that some people consider our target of $20,000 to be expensive for  self publishing a book. We did  put on our Pozible campaign page  what the money will be spent on  and  publishing in Australia would have been much more expensive ( though we have not closed that door quite as we would love to support a local business). In fact in most of our research of other campaigns for self publishing , the targets for self publishing full colour books at around the same number of pages but much smaller format, were at $30,000 plus ( and not signature stitched but glued).

So  part of our savings have been that design fees, colour photography fees and colour matching and typesetting are all in kind fees. If you don't typeset properly you end up with really ugly looking text- its an important lesson I learnt from one of my teachers when I did the  desktop publishing course and it is something my daughter Celeste- the  designer- is passionate about. It means  each word is hand kerned- which means you adjust the spacing between most letters in the chosen fonts because believe it or not not all fonts are beautiful just on their own, they are often tweaked to make your paragraphs look beautiful. We have translation fees of course and then there is all the work in ensuring good photos that are inspiring. We have also chosen to use a high quality paper because we would like the book to  be a quality object, and of course a hard cover  and signature stitched case bound, which means no glued pages to fall out or come loose and which adds to the strength of the book and last longer.

I hope this explains some of our costing in more detail- getting to all the nitty gritty has been a huge learning curve and we researched  about a dozen books we liked the look off, and went though every page critiqueing and noting what we liked and didn't like. We are really attempting to make an art house book that is a number of standards above the every day craft book whilst still acknowledging that many textile pople do want to know how to do things  which is why we are making the dvd.

Anyway number 150 supporter- if we reach our target we will have something special for you!
 You can see sample pages of the introduction at a preview we have set up on Issu

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