Sunday, August 17, 2014

Our Pozible Fundraiser- Last Fourteen days

We have been on tenterhooks during our Pozible campaign: it is an rollercoaster of emotions as  from day to day and even hour to hour we prevaricate between thinking yes we will get there, to oh no what if we don't get there. The reality is, if we don't get to our fundraising target , there is no other way for us to  self publish this book because the cost of self publishing is very involved and doesn't only involve the printing, but many other incidental expenses such as translation, isbn's and bar codes , shipping and customs clearance, trial prints, postage and storage because you have no idea how much space  books take up- just think of your book case and multiply it a few times. Meanwhile we keep working away and try to keep positive!

We have really used the rewards in the campaign as a type of pre-ordering of the book and offered it at a discount for all of those who pledge. Those who pledge more will be rewarded with original prints and hand made books. And remember you can do a workshop too with 7 of your friends! There is also a link to our campaign in the sidebar.

We do  feel however that with this book we are attempting to take quilt making out of the craft realm and "how to realm", into something it deserves and that is an artists monograph ( however we do understand  our demographic does want to know how I do things so hence the video and pdf file in a sleeve on the inside cover with a description of techniques).

We want to thank everyone ( and you will be acknowledge individually at the end of the campaign) for their support so far- you have made it possible for us to get to the 25% funded bar on the campaign page and we are extremely grateful that you have got us this far. We hope you will spread the word far and wide for who knows we may reach our target!

As an enticement to get to extra support we will put all of the supporters who pledge $80 or more into a draw to win one of my olive tree inspired pieces , see image below- this is a collage of four different pieces so  the winner will win one of the pieces ( the pieces measure 12 inches  x 24 inches- 25 cm x 50 cm)

And I still have prints for sale for the medieval project for you to stitch which will be shown now at the Quilt Mania Fair in Nantes in April 2015 for its French premiere and in berry Australia in August next year for its Australian premiere. Prints are available for $15 plus $3 postage.

I would love to get some comments and feedback in the comments section if you are so inclined.

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