Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pozible Fund Raising

I want to thank the supporters of our Pozible fund raiser so far. I will fully acknowledge you on my blog at the end of the  fundraiser which is in 32 days time. Our goal for today is to get  1/20th of the way in raising the fundraising goal  to self publish  our book.  The money you have pledged for the rewards only has to be paid if the target is reached . So I hope dear readers that you will see fit to support this project which has been a long time in the making.

The book will be about translating things encountered in travel in france into work and will have a beautiful layout quite different to normal craft books ( all the technique information will be on the dvd accompanying the book) . And now it is well and truly in writing stage!

There are still medieval lady panels for sale. This is part of the new project called the Medieval project which will showcase the work of many hands like the sentinelle project and for which I have already secured some venues. Each panels measures aproximately 8" x 18" or  20cm x 45 cm and you can embroider or stitch it any way you like as long as when it is finished it is not wider than 50 cm  or longer than 70 cm. Each panel costs $15 plus postage which is $3. I can be paid via Paypal just
 email me for details.

I have also been playing around with some ice dyeing which seems appropriate for the gloomy cold weather we have been experiencing- my daughter has snaffled this piece.

And  I found this La Semain de Suzette with a cover by maggie Salcedo. I love her illustration style and am really sorry I missed an exhibition of her work late last year. Maybe they will mount it another time.

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