Monday, July 28, 2014

Pozible launch

I have been talking of writing a book about France since my return in 2010 after nearly a year living in France and the time has come. I have done quite a lot of writing and research and even made a Blurb book to try out my photos and just the idea, but now its come so far, as to try something serious- a beautiful art house style book with an accompanying dvd which will contain videos and pdf text of the techniques used in my work. The book itself will hopefully inspire and make you want to transform journeys into art. The book will contain much of how I think and work and will be in English and French.

I have previously pitched the idea to a well known publisher even going so far as to write a sample chapter etc but it was decided that the market for the idea was limited ( they off course publish a greater number of books than a self publisher would). Anyway every time I go to France I discover more  and it only gets better and it has started to infuse my work.

To create the book  I am working with my daughter Celeste Galtry  who is a final year Visual Communication and design student at RMIT and we are calling ourselves the Musing in Textile team, because if we can get this book funded the intention is to make more books.A friend in france will do the translation. We are excited about working together, and we hope th ebook will be a beautiful object in itself and a little different to what is normally out in the textile market place.

We have offered some really good rewards for the Pozible fundraiser  including the book at discount and some one off experiences and artworks.  You can see the rewards , our idea and video ( and yes I do have an Aussie accent) here We hope you will be excited enough to support this project and of course any pledges will only be paid if we reach the targetted fundraising amount of $20,000.

Already Shirley Goodwin (NZ), Shirley Jacobs ( NL) and Marie-Thérèse Persoon-Klingelhefer (Ger) have my heartfelt thanks in starting things rolling.

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