Thursday, July 03, 2014

Together the Sentinelles Shine

What can I say?? A heartfelt thank you to everyone who joined the project , thank you for putting your heart and soul into the pieces- their atmosphere is palpable and joyous! Everyone who saw them at  The Craft and Quilt Fair at the  Exhibition Centre ( Jeff's shed)  in Melbourne last Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday were effusive with their compliments for the wonderful work and creativeness of each and every piece!

The new medieval project was also embraced with many people wanting to join or at least to make a panel. I will write more about this project in the upcoming weeks. I have printed some more panels as the ones I had printed for Melbourne sold out. If you would like to buy a panel please email me. The price is $15 Aus plus $3 postage for one panel.I will  make a dedicated page for the Medieval project with information etc. later this week or early next weekend.

It was a busy  week this week gone by- I had to install the sentinelles on Wednesday and on Thursday install the works for CrossXPollination in Colac. This event will run for another  one and half weekends. There is some wonderful work on display!

One of my traveller blanket travellers from the Wrapt in Rocky textile event form two years ago, Glenice dropped by to show me her finished blanket- talk about drool- it's truly wonderful- it simply glows!

And I have had a number of people ask whether I would run the on-line course again. I have an information sheet I can send and the cost is $60 AUS. The course involves the delivery of pdf files with instructions for dyeing and ideas for stitching and stories. Most blankets that have been finished do contain all sorts of stories and that adds to their charm. There is an awful lot of hand stitching, but as I am not an embroiderer the stitches are very simple. I also set up a Facebook group to share progress etc- these blankets are not made in a hurry and part of the joy of them is the process, the  meditative stitch! Email me if you would like to join!

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