Monday, January 06, 2014

Chartres and More

My days are filled with Chartres and the  images of the women in the royal portal, they look so different from different angles. And then I discovered there is  a female figure on the south entrance,  who I have only managed to partially photograph and do you think I can find an image of her anywhere? They are all from a distance so I can't see enough detail.

My little embroideries are growing in number and I am enjoying working on them in the evenings. I have to really get machine stitching   like the blazers as well, as it is not long  until we move out of this house.
Here is a lutradur image taking shape.These are elongated figures like the originals on the door jambs, so the painted image is only a portion of the whole.

A lot more stitching to do!

And the latest embroidery I have finished. I have not quite worked out how I will mount them, hopefully that will come in a dream.

I will put the names into a hat later this week and will let the winner know, and then I shall send you something!

Still time to join the Traveller's Blanket on-line class starting January 10 2014.  Just leave me a message or email me if you are interested in joining. Cost is $60AUS This will be the  last Travellers' Blanket that I do for awhile. The embroideries seem to be turning into their own blanket as I look at the collaged image.


Lee Mills said...

Your ladies are looking beautiful. What a lot of work you are doing. Love it and can't wait to see it finished.

Chris Gray said...

I have literally hundreds of photos of Chartres and the cathedral - would you like a dvd with them all on? I'm quite happy to send it to you. There might be a close up of the one you want - I've run out a number of camera batteries taking photos of the sculptures around the building!

Dijanne Cevaal said...

HI Chris Many thanks for your offer. Someone I know in Chartres is going to photograph the statue for me! I also have many many photos of Chartres and I just have a snippet of that particular statue- I think it's because its the door everyone enters by so you don't look up.

Lyn Weeks said...

I love them all grouped together, and at different angles. The colours look amazing.