Saturday, January 18, 2014

More Chartres

We have just had a four day spell of plus 40 degree temperatures ( 105 plus fahrenheit), and of course consequent bushfires in various parts of the state. It's always scarey when those temperatures rise, there is no question that it will result in bushfires somewhere. It is also not very conducive to quiltmaking especially when your house is not air-conditioned, thank goodness there is ceiling fans in the bedrooms. Packing is progressing slowly- I wish the packing up and moving fairy would just do it overnight whilst I was sleeping... never mind it will all eventually come together I hope! And good news, my youngest daughter got into Monash University Arts, which she is very happy about ( and her mum too I might add)

However I am behind on the work I want to make for my exhibition at MJC Palaiseau in France for the Voices of Women Festival, so I had to keep on going . The exhibition will run from  3- 22 March along with the sentinelles and all the sentinelles that have been embroidered around the world. I now have 20  stitched sentinelles at my house- and I am blown away by the inventiveness of the stitching and embellishing- it's going to look spectacular I think! Can't wait to see them all. So another Chartres doorjamb queen is just about stitched. I love  how they look in colour- they once would have been coloured in fact the whole royal portal would have been highly coloured as things were in  the middle ages.I also  finished another little face embroidery- the pile is growing!

On the left is the queen as she stand on the portal and on the right is my version of her done  with lutradur and machine stitching. the lutradur  I have used is the type used by florists, so the fibres are bigger creating a different kind of transparency.

I posted some work for sale before Christmas. I am trying to get together my airfare  to go to France late February and am prepared to consider any reasonable offers in relation to the quilts that have not sold. I am also prepared to let a travellers blanket ( the blue one that was on the cover of Quilting Arts  or the one with circles) go for less than half price. But only one these pieces are so much work  they have been the  only ones I have ever been really reluctant to sell .If you are interested please email me.


MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Dijanne. Beautiful series of Chartre influenced queens. So regal and elegant. And the stitching really brings all these women to life. Love your work!
best, nadia

Vicki Miller said...

Yes, the weather today is much more bearable, isn't it? I felt like I was melting like the witch of the west. I love all these mediaeval designs you are coming up with.