Sunday, January 12, 2014

First Quilt for 2014

I  put all the names who left comments on my first blog post for 2014 into a hat and drew the winner- Chrissy. Can you please let me know how to contact you as I shall e sending you a little something.

Sentinelles:It's getting to the business end of collecting all the sentinelles that people have embroidered.If you finish them before 6 february ( which is the date I vacate this house) you can send them to me. The address is 22 Carinya Ave, Newcomb, Vic 3219. If you are overseas it's best to send them directly to France. Email me and I shall forward address details. The little embroideries will need a rod pocket, and you can finish the edge however you like.If you have any questions again just email me.I am looking forward to seeing all your work. The ones I have here already are all so different and so imaginatively stitched.

I have been working on the Chartres quilt I showed in last weeks post and I have realised that I must be mad to take on the high gothic- what was I thinking and what made me think I could do it??? And then statues as well? But I am on the road now and they are really starting to capture my imagination. They are about 170 cm long and about 40 cm wide and very densely stitched.So the first door jamb queen is finished.

Here is the full length version


Chris Gray said...

Thanks! I usually never win anything....and just for offering to send something too!

e-mail addy is:-

Chrissy said...

HI Dijanne, I sent you an email with my address details a few days ago, Congrats about your daughter getting in - it means so much if they get their preference.
Thank you

Chrissy Guzzi