Thursday, July 26, 2012


It has been a while since I  have played around with lutradur and after teaching a workshop last Sunday  using transfer dyes and lutradur it lit a little spark again.It's funny how things just fall by the wayside sometimes. So below is a version of poppies I did with crayons and transfer dye/paints and then stitched by machine. I had hoped the red of the flowers would be more red, and perhaps I could have achieved that by using redder fabric underneath the lutradur but then I lost all the other details of the transfer.Anyway it had the desired effect of igniting a spark  and  thinking of some other ways of doing this transfer. The image has been linocut printed with the  tranfer paints- but the surface of the lino is quite rough so I might need to cut another linocut where the surface of the line is smoother.

I did create the above post last week but have been having issues with  my photo limit on Picasa being exceeded and trying to work out how to solve that problem.

Some more of my work ( 7 pieces) will be exhibited at the Red Rock Regional Theatre and Gallery in  Cororooke ( near Colac) in Flights of Fancy from Saturday 4 August and the following weekends.My Exhibition at Caroline Springs is still ongoing.

I really need to get some inspiration happening- I find sunshine does help make the mood more upbeat. I need to make a lot of work, though it would be nice to also sell some work. Prints of the cat are for sale if anyone is interested- just scroll back through the blog to see an image of the print- it measures 25cm x50 cm.

I  am making work that is inspired by France- and intend to make a whole series which will be shown at Quilts en Beaujolais next year- I have ideas ... but I just can't seem to get things happening. I am not even journalling as I normally do though I have been carting around my journal in the hope that something will strike??Hand made books are calling out but I can't seem to get going on that either- I know it's a lack of discipline, I know what I should do but it does not happen, maybe writing it down will motivate me and remind me that if all fails just do the work......

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thelmasmith said...

Dijanne, it's not lack of discipline! It's a fallow time where all sorts of creativity is happening un-noticed and un-seen below the surface. Much like a garden in winter.
One of these days, the sprouts will break through the surface. Somehow, one can not rush the time of growth; we just have to wait and watch.
Sleep now, when the time comes to do the stitching and the printing you will need all the time of the day and night to accommodate all the fruitful ideas. thelma

ps, I'm reading "Sixty Million Frenchmen Can't Be Wrong." Get it from the library. It explains why you and I have such an affinity for france.