Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sentinelle Exhibition

Time is flying and sometimes I feel like I have left my brain behind somewhere in a dank wet place- since the \weather has been so horrible. And then lo behold sunshine for two days running- it's amazing what  a bit of sunshine does for the soul!! All the washing is dry in a single day -so no chinese laundry in the loungeroom tonight! Am still stitching and stitching on the travellers blanket- the end is in sight in another week or so maybe!

But I completely forget to mention my Sentinelles are being exhibited in the Library Gallery space at Caroline Springs near Melton. They were installed two weeks ago- it's so nice to exhibit them in Australia finally. Here is your invitation;

I did make a small piece today.You can see it on Voyageart. I have been working on the large pomegranate quilt but today when I went to get my v\favourite Matilda's own wool/poly batting I realised I did not have a piece big enough. As Victorian Textiles kindly sponsor me with batting I quickly contacted them and I should have it soon- how is that for service!!Thank you Victorian Textiles- I have to add that  Matilda's Own is the batting I use for larger pieces as it is so stable when stitching and stretch is minimal ( and I do a lot of stitching!)

And a couple of weeks ago out at my brothers' farm- lots of baby goats.

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