Monday, July 09, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

The last fortnight has absolutely flown out of the window. First of all there was the week of teaching at Rockhampton for Wrapt in Rocky- had a wonderful time- the event was well organised, inspirational and  I had a group of wonderful, warm hearted., full of stories ladies who dyed and stitched the travellers blanket, and just created the best atmosphere- thank you one and all for in joining in the spirit of the idea, enjoying the process and sharing the way you did!

I also got to see one of the blankets made by one of my  on-line students from 2 sessions ago- so lovely to see it in the flesh- and loved all the naturally dyed fabrics and felted pieces and the whole idea! So thank you Annette Sibson for sharing your blanket and allowing us to  admire it for a day or two in the classroom! Below is the photo i tool and you can find more of Annette's thoughts on her blog which I have linked.

And Picasa won't let me upload any more photos unless I pay- I have checked some of my web albums which I don't need but  can't work out how to delete them. Any advise would be appreciated!


Annette said...

Lovely to finally meet you Dijanne, thanks for the boost.

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