Thursday, June 21, 2012

Travellers' Blanket On-line Class

Yes I am running another on-line course starting on 1 July. I will also be teaching the travellers' Blanket in the flesh at Wrapt in Rocky next week. I had hoped to have gotten my khadi cloth circle blanket finished- but that hasn't happened. I have got all the silk circles sewn on- now the embroidery and then  what to stitch in the background?

One of my students from a previous class sent me some photos of her completed travellers blanket- I love seeing projects that have been completed- but I love even more when I think...oh  my goodness I wish I had done that. So I wanted to share Petra Kooij's travellers blanket( she does not have a blog unfortunately) I love the glowing jewel like quality of the patched/stitched circles on the background and  I really like the way she has played around with shadow and light - i just love it! Thank you for sharing Petra!

So the hand dyed background with tie dyes:
  Placing darker toning fabrics to create shadow and light;
Adding another design element which works really well

  The finished piece- I think the framing in the slightly darker yellow works really well.
 A close up image of the piece.

 Other  past students work can be seen Glensbirdonawire blog, Saltbushstitch blog,Annette Sibson's blog, and Cramzy's Flickr.

And here is my blanket with all the circles sewn on- now for embroidering. If you are interested please email me. Cost for the course is $60AUS and it takes place over a four month period- though you work entirely at your own pace.

And I am teaching my Gypsy Blanket workshop in Sydney on  17 & 18 August for the NSW Quilters Guild- I shall also be giving a talk at their AGM


laurastitch said...

Risultato davvero interessante e molto originale! Complimenti agli alunni ed alla maestra ;-)

Ken said...

Love Petra's piece: simply brilliant! The play of tones, the placement of the vertical strip and the triangulation of the coloured "spots" all work together and the deeper yellow border completes the focus. Wonderful.

Fiona Wright said...

Deightful - thanks all for sharing

Judy Martin said...

Your blanket with the circles sewn on looks wonderful. I look forward to seeing what you will do to enhance with embroidery.
I also liked seeing Petra's work. Thanks for that, both Petra and Dijanne.

PeregrineBlue said...

such an inspiration for me. i love circles and running stitch and am constantly sewing something or other. this makes me aspire to excellence.