Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Another Pomegranate Tifaifai

Once upon a time I wrote a book- called Tifaifai Renaissance. It seems like eons ago but it is actually 10 years ago. After writing the book I thought I would never make another tifaifai quilt as i was completely over it! Then a few years ago I made some more as it suited  a Roman mosaic I had seen in the  museum in Allepo, which was of a pomegranate tree.  Anyway if you cut out the positive carefully you end up with the negative as well so  you really get two quilts out of one design/piece of fabric ( well almost- you need two pieces of fabric for the backing). One of the quilts was bought by a couple, and as  they are now going through a divorce and both parties liked the quilt they have asked if I would make another in  similar colours and with the same theme.So I am making  another tifaifai- I did procrastinate a little in ordering fabric and dye. Of course the quilt will not be exactly the same as I draw the design freehand each time so that they are always a little different. I love the technique, as it seems it's symmetrical but it isn't quite and it's very forgiving.

The process, that is the cutting out is quite laborious but oh what a reward you get for the patience and perseverance. This piece measures just over 90 cm square so you can imagine there is quite a bit of cutting!

I love that you go from  a crumpled unrecognisable mess of cutout paper and fabric:

To this- laying out the design which is also quite a process with  all those fine bits:

To this tada! You never quite know how the design will work when you draw it freehand- but it always seems to work. it will change more as borders and stitching go in- but all in all a satisfying process!


Emmy said...

ik ben zwaar onder de indruk,,,,

Miranne said...

Just gorgeous. Love your colours and subject matter, and the very clever design.

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ari said...

Reminds me of a stencil style prints.. Creative!