Monday, June 04, 2012


I am totally chuffed- linocutting is a passion and I have long  looked with admiration at some of the incredibly detailed linocuts that people have made but never thought that i could do such detail. So I wanted to make a cat linocut as people have been asking me if I have any animal panels- I used to do them once in the  Otway past. So I took some photos of my friend Christine's cat- she has lovely patterning- so here is Bali:

Then I made a linocut which I tested on paper first- the details comes out great on paper even with textile printing ink.I did not reverse the image and i widened the eyes a little. But how will it print on fabric where you do lose some of that fine detail.

The one on the plainer green fabric came out with more details- but a lot of the fine detail of the paper print is lost- should I cut away more or rely on embroidery to bring it out again? I will try the embroidery first before i cut away more. The detail seems almost entirely lost on the more patterned hand dyed fabric, though it too may come out more with embroidery and stitching.

 And I have found a few more titbits about Hortense Hazard which I will share next post.

I am also starting a Travellers' Blanket on-line  class on 1 July so still plenty of time to enroll! Contact me if you are interested and I will send you details. I am also thinking of running another linocutting  on-line class - again contact me if you are interested.


Kathryn said...

Fabulous lino-cut, and you are right, the detail is amazing, so it is a shame it gets lost on the hand-dyed fabric. But I am sure your exquisite embroidering will restore it an more!

lisette said...

that's an amazing linocut - it's so finely rendered and prints beautifully!

Penny said...

fantastic lino cut, I suppose for something of that detail plain material would be better. Have been fascinated by your research into Hortense.

Chrissy Guzzi said...

That is a great linocut you have got the cat perfectly - I think that the patterned dyed fabric print might come out better with stitch - maybe even a black thread?

mel.forrest said...

adorable - I love the detail :))