Thursday, June 14, 2012

Another Sentinelle Finished

I have been watching people work with the sentinelles around the world now and am intrigued how people embroider them and work with them. Valerie from Best of Quilting- worked with four for the four seasons and made them  for people in her life- it is lovely to know that the  values I  hoped for  by creating the sentinelles  are  appreciated and interpreted by other people! So here are Valerie's four Seasons- I love them!:
And meanwhile I have been sewing another one myself- to try and get  myself going again and also to prepare for a little exhibition I am having starting in July  at Caroline Springs in Melton of my sentinelle work.I just have to neaten off the edges and she will be finished. Don't forget that you can buy a printed sentinelle panel from me if you are interested in embroidering your own- just name your colour. On bright colours I print with black and on darker colours I print with gold ink. Cost of each panel is $15 plus postage ( which is approximately $3 outside of Australia)

There is still time to enroll in the On-line Travellers Blanket class. Simply email me and I will send you an information sheet- the cost is $60AUS. I have been working on my own blanket and have finally put on all the silk circles- now to embroider them all. You can see what one of my on-line students did here.

I shall also be teaching this class at Wrapt in Rocky in Queensland at the end of June- there are still some places left in the class. I am really looking forward to the class as it is very relaxing and really does lend itself to telling stories.


MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Dijanne. Beautiful sentinelles as usual. Very interesting to see others' interpretations of your design. Your cat is great and your post on Hortense Heuze Hazard is fascinating. Thanks for such a great post.
best, nadia

Eefke said...

dag Dijanne. Wat is ze mooi, zo Zeeuws zeegroen, omkranst door vetrouwd bloedkoraal. In Veldhoven kocht ik een van je lappen (donkerblauw als hoofdkleur en goud bedrukt). Ben er inmiddels veel mee bezig en zal proberen een foto te mailen als ze voltooid is. Je site is inspirerend en ik lees hem graag. Het boekje over de sentinelles, ik kocht ook dat in Veldhoven, voelt vertrouwd. Nu ik dit mail kleurt een volle regenboog de donkere lucht in de kleuren van je sentinelle!
met groet vanuit Breda,