Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stitching a lot

If you look carefully you can see the background stitching that has gone into the travellers blanket this last week. I finished embroidering all the circles and am seed stitching the background, but as this piece is relatively large that is taking a long time and it is very densely stitched. It's hard to see in a photo but the texture has become almost bubbly and quite wonderful. I am trying to get all the stitching done as it will be exhibited later this year in the United Kingdom at a gallery in Leamington Spa from 18 October until 20 January and then later in 2013 at festival of Quilts in Birmingham.

However with that amount of stitching there is not much else to show. Last weekend was my eldest daughters' 21st birthday and we held it in my shed back in Gellibrand. Thank goodness for the wood heater in my shed because it was one of the coldest nights so far this winter. Most of her friends crashed in the shed for the night.

I can say though- that I am well and truly over  that part of my past- I didn't go there with any sense of regret- yes I miss living in the country- so there is a perfectly nice block of land of 1 1/4 acres with a load of fruit trees and a lined shed with a  wood heater for sale- with a lovely view to offer plenty of inspiration. I have to fuel a new dream- it's been awhile in coming, but is finally starting to take some shape! I just need to sell the block to make it come true or sell every single quilt I have!

I will be speaking at the Melton Quilt-in this afternoon, so I had better go and collect my things together. Workshop tomorrow!


Annette said...

wow you certainly have been stitching up a storm..
your future endeavours sound exciting... all the best for the sale..

Anonymous said...

Hope your dream comes out soon Dijanne!