Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Prints for Sale

Village linocut print on hand dyed cotton ( 12 inches square- 30 cms square) $18US inclusive of postage- 2 prints available SOLD

I had an order for one of my little dolls for a small cjild- I tried to make him as bright as possible but with the directive that the doll be purple. He looks at home in the village scene!

Thank you for all the positive comments  for my last post and also the suggestions. I am still dreaming!


Arashi said...

i think you've found you're true calling with these prints. not only are they charming, but ubique, and original, yet grounded in traditioon.


LC said...

I agree. These are simply lovely!

Fabric Fusion said...

Wow - i am so glad to have found your blog! These are beautiful, and so is that little doll! I am definitely following now - from up here in North Qld.