Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Colours of Africa

I worked today on fulfilling some promises. Firstly ( but actually second picture) an A4 sized piece for an DUQ auction to fundraise for the National Breast cancer Association in Australia which will be held in early October. Fifteen artists were invited to submit pieces so here is hoping they will raise some funds.

The first piece is for my friend Laura's Colours of Africa project to fund raise, to build a safe school for poor children in South Africa. I intend to make another A4 piece to send to her, because once I got started ideas were brimming, and I found all the right bits of fabric. The leopard is a gocco print from an actual photograph I took of a leopard in Africa. It is a really worthwile project and promises to be a wonderful event for a textile weekend in Essen, Belgium next year.


Helen Conway said...

What is a gocco print? You can see mine, made with photos also ( only not so well!),at

Sally Westcott said...

Are they Pommegranites? (I can't spell)

I bought a Gocco over the weekend - just waiting for it to arrive!

On Saturday, I am going shopping for lino cuting supplies - I think I have almost every thing except the bamboo doodaa and a soft spot to work on! Would carpet do? - as i carpet tile.

AnneJeu said...

Hoi Dijanne,

lGeweldig dat je ook een werje voor ons project gemaakt hebt!
Stuur je me a.u.b. de foto op, zodat ik hem op onze blog kan zetten:
Tot gauw,