Sunday, September 20, 2009


I am back after a week of being internet challenged - don't ask!!

Taught a dyeing workshop at Leopold yesterday- it's given me some enthusiasm to do some dyeing again- now all ihave to do is wait for fabric which has been on order for two weeks..... You can see some of the dyeing results on Joanne's blog. The workshop was organised byt the Geelong Sewing Centre.

The photo is of the entire Tracks Across the land quilt which is being shown at Ste Marie aux Mines this weekend- I can show it now. I intend to make some more waterways quilts. The top is entirley lutradur , machine and hand stitched- and is a reflection upon all the peoples that have traversed Australia , the importance of water ways for the land and the problems of salination which besets so much of fringe agriculutural land.

And I have spied a little house in France- which has set my heart dreaming- there are a number of co-incidences which my daughter says are signs ( about place and waterways and history and people). I will need to sell all of my quilts or my block of land- but I haven't dared dream like this for quite some time...It needs lots of work which can be done over time, but it's all the other factors which are calling me.

Ohh and there are still afew places in the on-line lino-cutting course which starts next week- email me if you want to join. The lessons take you through basic stroke making to designing your own more complex lino-cuts.

And whilst i was internet challenged my blog reached a few mile stones- 250,000th visitor (as I was unable to access I don't know when that exactly happened) and 170 countries- thank you all for visiting,leaving comments and being friends!


thelma said...

Dream! Dijanne, Dream! DREAM ! ! ! There are no coincidences. Listen to your daughter about signs. Also, money need not be gathered up all at once! t

Sally Westcott said...

Go for it Dijanne, Very rarely do we get to live our dreams. If you have the chance, grab it with both hands.


PS I've been email free all weekend! Not by choice - I hate it!!!! I feel deaf and dumb!

jude said...

dreams are everything. really.

Diane Wright said...

Oh, yes, follow those dreams. And update us from time to time. As much as I resent the intrusion of the internet I have come to rely on it. Vicariously we can follow a dream.

Ironically, my dream is to live in Victoria...take that class at Geelong Sewing Centre....

ps I love your large waterway!

Lutgard in Belgium said...

Hi Dijanne, I saw your 'Waterways' in live in Alsace, a very nice piece. Good luck with all the 'choices' you have to make.
groetjes, Lutgard in Belgium