Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pomegranate Tifafai

I have been working on the pomegranate tifaifai putting in the stitching- I was hoping to be much further along but life keeps on intervening.

Finally when we are at the contract stage for the house - I got the final price - which is about $12000 more than originally quoted, because we need special bushfire protection things like metal wire fly screens, different front door, different eave structure, and the earthwork costs are more- argghhh. It has me hyperventilating in a big way- do I sign or do I abandon the whole thing??? If it goes ahead they will start building at the end of the month- so I am agonising - what to do???It is not as if I can raise that sort of money in so little time. Just when I thought I was getting things sorted.

I still have a mountain of sewing to do for my exhibition at Textil Und Kunst in Munich- and I have had to abandon the idea of making catalogues- I have run out of money- it's a pity but that's the way life goes.

One thing my daughter and I have worked out working on her formal dress ( yes that has to be done too- the diamante braid arrived yesterday... ) is how to make Fortuny style pleated silk- I never thought I would turn my hand to that but it seems that was the only way to get the pleating she wanted and I must say it turned out rather well- the pleating- the dress is still in the construction stage...

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Sue said...

So sorry you're enduring all this stress. Do you need to have all the money up front? Or can you pay in stages as work progresses? That's what would happen in the UK. You so need this house... Glad your creativity is surviving well.