Monday, August 11, 2008

More Small Pieces

Pomegranates For Sale $60 US inclusive of postage ( approx 20cm square)

Teapot and Rosewater Jug For Sale $60 US Inclusive of postage ( approx 20 cm square)

Pomegranates For Sale $60US inclusive of postage ( approx 20 cms square)

I don't seem to have got much done on the weekend- I had such plans! I did do some hand stitching on the Travellers Blanket but not as much as planned, I also dyed fabric for the pomegranate Tifaifai's I am working on but did not get the fabric washed - combo of weather ( very cold and wet) and other usage( I still have to wash things at the house I used to live in)- as I had hoped to get the borders on one quilt and get it at least basted. We did do some work on my daughters formal dress, but there is still quite some to go and I think I will have to dye some habutai as the lining we bought is not sitting nicely enough.

I did do three small pieces- I need to make a lot of these still, though I have had to abandon my plan of making 20 of each motif- maybe twelve?? I did kind of find a new way to quilt the pomegranate pieces- which is to combine the lightness of green foliage with the dark background- a juxtaposition of the underworld and the upper world - which really reflects my feelings over the last week. I am still anxiously awaiting the title for my piece of land- it is taking the Titles Office forever- meanwhile everything else cannot go ahead- the builders are ready so that is a bit frustrating. I have also mulled over ideas of working with an icon image from Sedanaya- more ont hat later.

On Raggedcloth Cafe there has been an article by Clairan Ferrano about working in a series. I suppose I have worked in a series sometimes- for example my Hellfire series- though each piece is quite distinct and individual and not a minor variation on a theme. I have also done the tifaifai method of working and after I finished the book Tifaifai Renaissance ( which is now out of print) I never thought I would make another tifaifai quilt- but I am drawn to the pleasant mandala like quality of the designs, their symmetry even though they are not truly symmetrical, and their sheer decorativenss- so I have found myself making more Tifaifai's and am even contemplating another book on them. But whether they are truly a series- I am not sure.

One thing that I do do a lot of , is research what I am doing-I like to work to a theme- for example I am working with the idea of Caravanserai ( and my impressions of Middle Eastern travels and in particular Syria). I have read books, researched Syrian artists, textiles,carpets, colours, history, myths and legends and have come up with ideas from that research whilst incorporating it with my own observations and journal notes. I seem to have gotten slack of late in keeping a journal- but find journal notes and ideas incredibly helpful in suggesting ideas, connections and feelings. So I guess what I am saying is working to a theme can produce interesting and connected work as well ( though whether I actually succeed in this, is up for the jury). It is my preferred way of working I think.

And in previous comments some people asked me about on-line classes. I must admit the idea has crossed my mind before- but I am wondering what do people expect from such a class and what type of class would people like me to teach on-line? I would really appreciate soem feedback on this if you have the time.

Someone also suggested a book( perhaps) on lino-cuts and creating balance and negative/positive space as there was not much out there. That may be true of lino-cuts themseleves but there is quite a lot of material out there on designs and the elements of design - I am not sure there is a whole book there but certainly an article looking particularly at linocutting for fabric might be worth exploring ( when I have some time...)


Anonymous said...

Are you familar with Quilt Univesity? It is quilting classes entirely online.

Lindi said...

Hi Dijanne! I have just named you on my blog for a blogger award. If you would like to receive it, visit my blog for the details.

monique 78 said...

the idea of a book or CD about lino-cut sounds interesting.
As for the on-line classes, I know some, quilt university and Maggie Grey's workshop on line, in which there are different articles explaining a technique or a new notion (it isn't at all traditional)

UK Exhibitions said...

Some very interesting designs in those pictures you included. Have enjoyed reading many of the posts on your blog.

Fiber Focus said...

Dijanne- I have someone who may write an article on online classes soon. I'll try to remember to let you know about it if she follows through. I think it is an interesting concept.

And, I feel so bad for you with this whole house mess! I can relate on many levels... it's amazing to me how you can continue to create while dealing with all of this!