Friday, August 15, 2008

My PLace

I Had a Dream

I have done a number of quilts inspired by the view from my former workroom window. In the late afternoon the setting sun would backlight the thicket of trees as I looked out my window, and I would dream away, of new adventures, of hopes for my children, of new work. This is the last such forest piece I shall make, for my life has changed, my dreams have changed and I need to find a new way to dream my world.

This is my piece I have made for My Place- it has languished on the back burner for the finishing touches- but as I leave Oz on 21 August it has to be done- all the quilts have to be shipped to South Africa before I go! Brenda Gael Smith is building a My PLace website for all the pieces in the exhibtion- 90 in all from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. It is better to go and look at the website later today- I have to rephotograph some blurry images I took, before it can be completed.All the pieces are 50 cm square. I am looking forward to seeing what New Zealand and South Africa have created.

I am still in a quandary about what to do about the house- I did sign the contract but since then there have been two more phone calls- of items which will incur additional costs- survey and a stormwater pit( which has to be large as the land is level) which seems to be a new requirement from our local council- none of these items are loose change items. The annoying thing was I chose a project home so I would not have to do all this leg work ( I also have to arrange the septic and its connection) , clearance of trees- and yet here I am doing it and stressing out about it and with too little time to do it.

What I really want to do is pack my bags and move to France- but my daughter has to finish her VCE next year.


Fulvia said...


I read with trepidation of the quandary you face yet again ... still. I wish I could offer some insight--all I have to send you is good wishes, kind thoughts, and a big hug. I will be thinking of you and yours,


Gerrie said...

So sorry to hear of your problems. On the positive side, this quilt is simply gorgeous.

Judy said...

Dear Dijanne,

I wish I could offer you a perspective on your house dilemma but nothing comes to mind. Building always seems to have escalating cost over runs.

Your quilt for the "My Place"is really lovely I went and had a look on the wedsite yesterday at the Ozzie quilt Goodluck with the deadline, the exhibition and the trip in general.

You are such a hard worker I am sure you will make the time frame.

Coral said...

I went to the quilt festival this weekend. I saw your quilt - I touched it - oops, but very gently and saw your handwriting on the back.

The festival was awesome, it was totally a sensory overload!

Yes, I am inspired!

Thank you for the information, as I would never have known the festival was going to be on if I did not read your blog.