Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cedar Forest

This quilt fell out of the sky late on Sunday afternoon. I found the fabric that I had started foiling amongst my things that had been packed away- the background tie dyed fabric was too nice not to use- my original idea was to represent the cedar forest which Gilgamesh and Enkudu had to traverse in order to chop down the father of all cedars-originally I had only foiled three cedars- it improved when I added more cedars and some stitched ones. It enlivened the piece- and because it fell out of the sky it quilted like a dream! Several people have made the comment about the unexpected circle quilting- as the story of Gilgamesh is said to be the oldest written story and seems to be a creation story of sorts the circles represent the creation- droplets in the ocean of such stories.( it also suited the tie dyeing- but purhaps I enjoy the tie dyeing because of the circles)

The formal dress is finished - hoorah- zip in and everything ( not quite perfect but I am not touching it any more....)

Thank you one and all for your good wishes- I know I made the right decision- i have no regrets- it was all too much, and I feel I need time to reflect and move from there. On an upbeat, my middle daughter is actually coming to Europe with me. I complained to the very top of the tree and it brought some results and I know she is excited about going. It has meant a lot of scrambling around getting the airfares and other stuff organised. I had to provide an itinerary- usually that stuff is all on my email and in my head and workshop dates in my diary- itineraries what are they??? I am a very easy traveller and always carry a tent in the boot of the car in case other accommodation can't be found.And I like being able to change things if it isn't what I expected or the weather is bette relsewhere :-). I am sure looking forward to getting on that plane - if only to turn off for 24 hours!

And on another note I am teaching at Centre Europeen Du Patchwork in Salelles d'Aude in the Languedoc on 10 and 11 Septemeber- if you are interested just go to the website. I hope it doesn't get cancelled too- it is always a lovely relaxed atmosphere at Marie Goddard's worshop space and always interesting things to see in her exhibitions in the gallery! We are doing Transfer Dyeing and Stitching ( working with lutradur) and machine quilting a la 72 Ways ( Pique Libre)


Anonymous said...

Oo, that all sounds a lot better and more positive!

Thank you for the fabric that arrived safely this morning. It's truly beautiful and I'm very pleased with it. You did exactly as asked but at the same time added an extra something to make them zing and be alive. I can feel the Bamboo just stitching itself!

In case anyone reads this, and isn't aware, Dijanne dyes and sells beautiful fabrics!! lol Annabel aka The Wittering Rainbow

TracyB said...

Dijanne, your Cedar Forest is absolutely gorgeous!!

Kristin L said...

The tress are lovely, but what makes it for me is the slightly unexpected circle quilting in the background. :-)

Yea for the company on your Europe trip. I hope this gives the two of you some wonderful bonding time.

And, as the shed eventually got finished, I am sure the house situation will eventually get sorted. Just before a big trip is no time to coordinate house building, so you've obviously made the right decision to put it all off until you return.

I've been embroidering on the forest fabric I bought from you. I'll post it when I get a little farther along -- I think you'll like it. :-)

Miles Johnson said...

Cedar trees- freakin' awesome, dude! I agree- the circular quilting is something I might not have tried but really makes the piece for me. Someday I'll be THAT good.
Take Care!!!!!

Judy said...


What an exciting trip you will have with your daughter. And your Cedars quilt is quite,quite beautiful.

MargaretR said...

That quilt is unbelievable Dijanne!
I think you made the right decision about the house, you don't want to weigh yourself down to the extent you can't enjoy your creative life. It will be lovely to have your daughter to accompany you and maybe when your daughter has finished her education you will have your dream of moving to France.

monique 78 said...

Your Cedar trees is gorgeous.
Nice your daughter can come with you. Have a nice trip and see you soon

margaret said...

Fabric that's "too nice not to use" - usually people talk about fabric that's too nice to use!

Fiber Focus said...

Love the contrast!