Sunday, September 09, 2007

A Bower Birds Dance Hall


I really haven't time to blog today but we found a Satin Bower birds bower today in the undergrowth on our nature strip. The satin bower bird male is a deep blue black satin colour and has violet eyes. Only the mating male turns this colour - all the immature and non mating males and females look the same- they are khaki and brown sort of banded. They are a reasonably big bird being slightly smaller than a crow. The male builds the bower in order to perform his mating dance and strews the surrounds with all things blue- to make the place more enticing.They are also a nuisance particularly as this is not their normal habitat- they are normally forest birds but because of the logging they have come into the valley- I doubt that they will leave when the logging stops. They are voracious eaters and will hollow out a carrot in the ground.

I have dyed fabric today- the fabric i ordered recently (4 bolts) must have contained two bolts of a different cotton ( and it feels a slightly different weight)- it has dyed nowhere near as nicely as the first two bolts. Now it has to be washed and then ironed.It will be a late night. Then there is all the packing to do- just as well I don't leave until late tomorrow- though I have to get to my fathers by mid afternoon. Packing clothes is no big deal- two pairs of jeans, 4 t-shirts, a jumper and jacket I will wear. I hate travelling with too many clothes- waste of space and if I need anything I can always buy it.

I will try and blog if I can, but being able to load photos is always a hassle. I will be back Ocotber sometime- when I book my ticket back- because of the Rugby world cup in France this is proving more expensive and difficult than anticipated.
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Joei said...

Good Bye Dijanne

Have a safe trip...I will look forward to your return in October.
Spread good will and drink deeply of your travels.

Rhode Island

Magic Cochin said...

Have a safe journey and a fantastic time on your travels. I think Paris is Rugby mad at the moment - have fun!!! Four years back we managed to book an incredibly cheap flight to Copenhagen - we later realised no-one else was travelling that day, they were all watching the Rugby World Cup final!!!


Dale Anne said...

I hear CONGRATULATIONS are in order for your award with 'View from my Studio', in the European Patchwork Meeting competition!!!