Monday, January 23, 2017


My daughter Celeste Galtry Creative has given my blog a much needed revamp as it was looking very tired and messy. She has created new buttons at the top of my posts for easier navigation. You will see she has made a shop button- which I will be adding to as time goes on and as I make new things. My quilts are now in a Gallery and you will see most are for sale. I think it looks much neater and cleaner this way and means I can blog to my hearts content. As part of the revamp we are offering my book Musing in Textile: France at a new special price of $30AUS plus $15AUS postage & handling ( Australian residents only unfortunately) Just follow the link.

The Aussie Bush Project also has its own page though the panels for it are available in the shop.

 I head overseas on 8 February- the time has simply flown and I haven't got nearly enough work accomplished, though I finally seem to be concentrating and I have been working on the hand stitched pomegranate piece on the indigo dyed Khadi cloth as it too needs finishing, and being unable to plug in my sewing machine until I get more solar panels, hand stitching it will be!

Still quite a lot of stitching to go and lots of flowers to put in but it's finally starting to look like something.

I have also been going through all my  plastic tubs of fabric- some have not been opened for quite some time- and was happy to be reunited with this lovely piece of ice dyed fabric which I made a few years ago.

I was actually going through the tubs to find fabric that was large enough for the backs of quilts, as I need to get quite a few pieces ready for  quilting for when I go overseas. The more I prepare the more I am likely to finish especially as I am house sitting again in le Triadou in February. So I found various bits of fabric and  found this piece which somehow reminded me of the invite for the William Kentridge invitation for the exhibition I visited in Milan last year- maybe it's the shadowiness.

 I loved  the Kentridge work- there were so many layers- and shadows  that were suggestive- hard to capture in a still photograph as it was a kind of diorama accompanied by music. I thought the fabric has distinct shadow opportunities especially as I have to think of a quilt to make in response to the Theme for ChARTres this year which is a quote from Simone Weil "En chemin, l'empreinte de l'autre..." I have read her book  The Need for Roots, from  which the quote comes, but have had difficulty finding it's context within the book, though I get the drift of the idea- difficult to translate in fabric somehow and yet full of possibilities as well. Anyone have any thoughts? I would be glad to hear them.

Anyway I shall be in Chartres for the exhibition  from early March  until  the 19th of March. There is an invitation and also various concerts and philosophical lectures in case you are interested.


Jane Rollason said...

All looks wonderfully neat and inviting

Robbie said...

Nice revamp on the blog!!!! Nicely done!!! Kudo's to your daughter.

King Fabrics said...

Hey! these all looks wonderfully neat..... great!!

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