Sunday, January 29, 2017

Phew It's Hot

I am at a friends house as it is too hot to be in the shed at this time of the day, so that is when I try and catch up with computer stuff as I have no wifi in the shed and my mobile telephone does not work in gellibrand. I am not sure whether it's an issue of the suppliers coverage, although most people seem not to be able to use mobiles here.

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post. It was lovely  to get  feedback. Once upon a time people used to comment all the time on blogs, but it seems much less so these days. I for my part am trying to blog more!

All the fruit on my block is starting to ripen in this warm weather, and I have been able to save a bit from the ever hungry and destructive birds- yesterday there were Major Mitchell's ( they have become sneaky and quiet and the only way I can tell they are in the trees is when I hear the sound of a dropping apple), Cockatoos who are as noisy as, King Parrots beautiful to look at and they actually seem to eat more of the fruit than the other parrots who simply crack open the fruit to get at the seeds, ganggangs, wo aren't frightened of anything even apple missiles,  rosellas, parakeets and the other day a lone budgerigar.

 Unfortunately I don't have the time to process the fruit at present nor the facilities really. The flowering gum has decided it wants to flower- it's very pretty but I am afraid I shall be missing most of that too, but I have enjoyed the marguerites. A little peak in my shed...

In this heat it's too hot to sit with a travellers' blanket sewing so I am back to angels. I completed two more today. They are growing!

I have also put some of the angel panels in my shop if you are interested in buying a panel.

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Penny said...

Love those angels. You have a much more diverse selection of avian visitors, although this year we are lucky as there are so many eucalyptus flowers they are not ,so far , very interested in the fruit.