Thursday, January 19, 2017


Somebody asked me for some photos of older work and one of the pictures I sent is a combination of two favourite things. In the 1990's I did used to piece some quilts but I pieced in such a way that no lines matched , but your eye wants to make the lines match. This way of piecing was inspired  by African calabash decoration. I added a layer though, by using the borders to create an opportunity to create a story. This originally came about because my middle daughter used to draw tree spirits( I don't think I have any pictures of this) so the first quilt done in this style contained her tree spirits. Some years later I came back to the technique ( I used to teach it as a class- there were a few variations) and this was the little quilt I came up with . it contains of course pomegranates ( a thing I am playing around with again at the moment)

I had not looked at this little quilt for quite some time- funny that I should pull it out now that I am playing around with pomegranates again.

I am stitching on an indigo dyed khadi piece- it is all hand stitching ( because I cannot run my sewing machine in the shed- that has to wait for later in the year) But just sitting and stitching has been generating ideas, partly to do with the new lino block print form my previous posts. I can see the linocut morphing into a much bigger piece. Sometimes I ask myself the question is all that stitching worth the time- but I like the stitched linocut much better than the one I am just beginning to stitch. So there is a lot more stitching to do!

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