Thursday, January 05, 2017

Linocutting On-Line Course

 A Happy and Creative 2017 to everyone!

Well it was pretty hot in the shed yesterday! But I have joined the twenty first century  and have a solar panel and so have lights and can charge my phone. However a  power point for the sewing machine will have to wait  for a little. But it has begun and that is a good thing!

I am busy trying to finish my book on the Travellers' Blanket for Editions de Saxe-it all takes time!

There is still time to join the online linocutting class. I do intend to add a video to the class though most of the class is delivered with pdf files outlining different exercises to increase your skills. You can work at your own pace but  notes are delivered fortnightly for 4 sessions. I also set up a Facebook group where we discuss and trouble shoot and share inspirational linocut artists around the world. The cost of the class is $60AUS. If  you use the paypal button it will take you to the payment page.

Below are some images of the linocuts I have made in the past. We have been sorting through things because after three years of having things in various places you lose track of what is where. MY daughter is in the process of building me a website- which I hope to launch soon. But meanwhile it is possible to purchase linocut panels.

The printed fabric  below was inspired by the weeds I encountered on my morning walks in the shadow of Pic St Loup last year. I have used the Carrotte Sauvage part of the linocut ( by masking the other weeds out) for an article I have written for Magic Patch. Each colour is a separate panel. The button will take you to the payment page- but you will need to tell me which colour you would like. The panels are A4 size ( legal paper) and have been hand printed. The price includes postage.Each panel is $18.00AUS


Robbie said...

I took your online class years ago and it was great!!! I still have and use the stamps I made as well as the fabric I stamped with my own cuts!!!!

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