Tuesday, January 01, 2013

First Day of 2013

A very happy, creative and healthy 2013 to all my readers and followers- thank you for continuing to stop by
and indulging my babble.

I am actually glad to see 2013 as  the end of 2012 was not a time where I achieved much or got much work done as most of my time was consumed by my father and his partner. However they have now signed a lease on a independent living apartment closer to where I live, and hopefully their health will improve with daily catered for meals, because the other alternative is residential care.My fathers' health has stabilised though he still has pulmonary embolisms in his lungs and a tbt in his leg.

Lots of things to look forward to this next year!
Tours of France and Italy in April/May 2013
I will be doing two tours this year- one to France ( the same as the one we did last year though we will spend more time in Lyon) and a tour of northern Italy. If you are at all interested please email me and I will send you an itinerary.

The next few months need to be filled in making work for my exhibition at Quilt en Beaujolais in April where I will be showing work inspired by travels in France- not quite sure what title to give the exhibition , but there will be various aspects to the exhibition including a section that is a homage to favourite french artist.So my word for the year will be France-I will be exploring many aspects of France and the french experience and hopefully in the future will spend more time there ( if I ever sell my block of land- I really need it to sell, because it has become a lodestone, and I need to think of it as a pathway to a dream and selling it is part of that dream). So I spent today making a drawing about 1 metre square- the local Chinese restaurant graciously allowed me to take away a clean  paper tablecloth which was just the right size and I spent all of today making the preliminary drawing of a view of Paris inspired by several works done by Raoul Dufy. How could I  make an exhibition without including French icons? I don't think I have ever made a drawing this large and I have taken poetic license with some of the elements and other elements need to be improved upon. Now I have to paint it with transfer paints and see if I can't get it on to polyester non-woven( lutradur)

I also made a set of some of the work I completed in 2012 with Flickr- i was surprised that I did so much hand stitching.As I look back on last year I did manage to complete quite a lot of work, I made a number of new and quite large linocuts, and I did do a tour of France which was a lot of fun.

I am working on a new on-line course called Form and Variation, to help extend your design skills and to take a new look at  objects and subject matter and look at ways to  abstract and play around with details and variations. If you are interested please email me to register your interest. I will also conduct another Travellers Blanket on-line workshop starting on 11 February 2013 when hopefully all the holiday madness has died down a little.Again contact me if you are interested the cost is $60AUS.


Unknown said...

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happy new year 2013

Sacha said...

Bonne et heureuse nouvelle année , meilleurs voeux de santé et bonheur pour 2013!

Catherine said...

I just discovered your work through the article in "Quilting Arts". Just stunned by your beautiful and meaningful work! I can't believe you manage to do so much wonderful work as well as caring so lovingly for your family. I look forward to following your blog and wish you all the best for 2013.

Lyn Weeks said...

Just looked at all your photos on Flickr. A wonderful year's work Dijanne. They are stunning in color and design.
All the best for 2013. x

Ro Bruhn said...

Happy New Year. Just discovered your blog and realize you're a fellow Aussie, I'm also in Victoria. Love your work.

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