Wednesday, January 09, 2013

A Plea

I know everyone is affected by the financial crisis and I have mentioned it before, but I wasn't expecting my father to be as ill as he was or to spend as much time as I did in  getting him better ( and to  have his partner looked after as well and spend time with her and taking her out for necessities etc) and then to spend as much time as I have done getting him and his partner settled into independent living. I did tell people I was a single mum and that  I worked full time- but everyone just seemed to turn a blind eye to this and just merrily ignored the fact  so that I have fallen way behind with my work and projected targets, because no one else was going to step up to the plate. This has meant that the book I am writing has been stalled ( you need  clear headspace to write and work things through in logical order) My business income has also been affected by the ridiculously high Australian dollar value as I earn some of my income teaching overseas and also generate some sales overseas.I am still actively looking for a job but as I have not been able to get an interview in 2 years , it seems like a hopeless task though I continue to try. I would move somewhere cheaper to live but my daughter goes into her final year of high school next month, and as she has her aims set high I want this year to have as little disruption as possible, and there isn't much housing that's cheaper available in Geelong in any case.

I also understand that some people don't enjoy reading about the "difficult" side of making a living from art, but as I can't find a job I have to continue down this route because there isn't any other way to earn a living.And I will be trying everything to  somehow turn things around! But the reality is  working in an arts practice isn't all sunny , a lot of it orients around finding product/goods/services that are saleable to sustain the bigger and more  individual work.

Anyway the long and the short of it is, I wasn't able to make as much small work to sell as I normally do- and that has meant a substantial reduction in sales I  might ordinarily have expected around Christmas time.
So my plea is this

  1.  If you see any older work you might like to buy please contact me- I will be prepared to negotiate.I have added a new page here, or simply click on the tab with Most recent work at the top of the blog.
  2. I will be starting another Travellers' Blanket on-line class on February the 11th. Email me if you are interested in joining the class and i can send you an information sheet.
  3. I am writing a new course called Form and Variation ( for want of a better name), if you are interested please drop me an email and I will send you information when I have put it together.The results have always been interesting when I teach this course in real life.
  4. I have 5 new Teapot and Rosewater jug pieces for sale. These pieces measure 8"x 8" ( 20cm x20cm) and are designed to fit into Ikea shadow box frames- they are hand printed polyester non-woven  and machine stitched.( Images below) The cost is $45AUS inclusive of postage.
  5. Also I am thinking of running small workshops from home ( Geelong)- if you are interested in learning anything from me at all  and don't mind that I do not live in a castle please drop me an email and we  will work something out




Catherine said...

Oh Dijanne, my heart goes out to you. It must be so hard to have to carry so many burdens as well as trying to do something creative. Being creative means having space in your head and a relaxed feeling of play. It also needs to take over everything else, which isn't possible when life gets in the way! Do please carry on writing about your difficulties. People ought to know about how difficult it can be and it makes your beautiful work all the more precious. I hope your father and his partner are settled into their new home and doing well.

Web Design Perth said...
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ANNA said...

I send love and sympathy. I a lucky to have a job but would like to sell my art instead. I make loads of small pieces like notebooks, small bags, kindle covers etc which I think are the kind of item people would buy but noone wants them - so I have a huge stock of stuff, if only I could find a way of selling

LunaticFringe said...

So sorry about the difficulties, but you are continuing to move forward, step by step, as well as look at all the possible avenues. Your posting nearly echoes my own ventures these last few years. The current world wide economic situation is brutal, and it can be near to impossible to maintain a positive outlook. With art, in any of its myriad forms, being able to maintain focus, and retain self-confidence in one's abilities can be tough at the best of times. I cajole myself with the "romantic" image of being The Starving Artist.

Marti said...

I have long admired your work and also your courage. I meant to obtain one of your pieces for a dear friend at Christmas, so perhaps now as a valentine gift. :) With much respect, Marti

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