Sunday, January 13, 2013

Coffee Pot Linocut

In  November last year whilst staying with my friend Christine at Soissy-sur-Seine we went to Chartres for the day to see the progress on  the renovation of the cathedral. Christine told me there was a very nice restaurant across from the cathedral and that she would shout me lunch there. It was indeed a very nice restaurant- the food was excellent as was the wine, but one of the nice things about the place was it's ambience.Some very nice panelling from wine crates adorned the wall- some wineries have such lovely logos.
The windows had large sills and each  sill had been decorated with porcelain and enamel ware coffee pots- they looked so inviting!
 I thought they would make a great linocut and did some preliminary drawing but got no further. I always feel that I can't draw thins kind of thing and put it off- and  as usual the first coffee pot looks blegh but once you start filling in with the other coffee pots and other detail it starts to assume another life- see the drawings below.
 Then comes the cutting- it took quite some time as the linocut as it measures  11 inches by 15 inches- and I did forget to reverse the image but decided not to worry about it.I was quite happy with the way it came out and can see all sorts of fun things I can do with stitching on this.

Thank you  so much to everyone who visited my Recent Works for Sale page and who purchased work from me. It's been a life saver I can assure you!

I have also created another new page  with highlights from the tour  I took to France in  April of 2012. I will be taking the same tour to France in 2013 hopefully. One of the highlights will be visiting Quilts en Beaujolais where I will also be  exhibiting my french inspired work. If you would like any information or the itinerary of this tour or the tour of Italy in May 2013 please do not hesitate to contact me.


ann vanherle said...

De koffiepotten zijn prachtig!!

Nina Marie said...

ohhh the coffee pots are interesting - they would make a cool redwork project too!

Donna said...

Love that one!

Daniyal Memon said...

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